Wavefront is a Burrough of Braveport, sitting mostly on the water on the western side of the city, its built of docks, and floating buildings.

West from the huge stone edifice, a gate leads to a wooden pier that stretches for kilometres in each direction – including out onto the sea.

If one heads North from the gate, great mansions built atop each other look onto the ocean. Old money elaborately decorates the homes. This is the living places of many of those in the House of Diamond.

If one heads South instead, the docks turn into a labyrinth of creaking boards that ride the ebb and flow of the tide. The southern Wavefront is for the sailors: brothels, taverns, inns, and shanties litter the weary docks. This is where many of the House of Steel live – close to crime, and close to the benefits of crime.


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