The Western Wing

It’s a small room about ten feet across, dimly lit by an arcane over-head light. To the North, West, and South are three similar doors. There is the entrance into this crypt from the East.

The southern door holds an empty sarcophagus and piles of wet soil that were moved around as the catacomb was being broke into from an underground river.

The northern door is an empty room aside from a single empty sarcophagus.

The western door hides two dwarven skeletons who seem to be part of a mining company. They were evidently tasked to build the mine that infiltrated the southmost room.

To the East of the room, sits an ornate, metal door. It seems rusted from time, and the wear from opening it nearly knocks it off its hinges. Beyond it, lies a narrow hallway.

The Western Wing

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