This ancient town lies just South of the Northern Barrier Range, beside Lich Lake. Its original purpose is unknown, but the travellers that pass through it declare it to be a mining town.

In the North part of the town sits an imposing, peaked wall of stone with a small entrance to the mine at the base of it.

To the East are most of the residential buildings, including the mayor and his daughter’s.

To the South is the only road in and out of the town, that goes over an ancient stone bridge on its way from the East to meet with the main road.

Far off to the West of town, lies a solitary old home in which lives a sedentary hermit. His home borders on the graveyard.

The Catacombs

The Western Wing
Treacherous Hallway
The Goblin Hideout
The Ancient Cistern

When the players arrived, the townsfolk were holding a great feast commemorating the end of the mining season. The players ate and drank from the feast and stayed the night in the mayor’s foyer.


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