Braveport is the largest city West of the Eastern Barrier Range, on the edge of the Killman Sea. A large portion of the city exists afloat on the water, while like vines, the rest wrap itself around the delta of the Headstrong River.

Braveport is ruled by four electorate houses: House of Steel, House of Bronze, House of Gold, and the House of Diamond. Each of them aid in governing an aspect of security, markets, culture, technology, or well-being.

The city is built around a central waterfront building that divides the city along the water’s edge. The western part of the city, Wavefront is known for its mansions, shanties, docks, and merchants; the eastern part of the city, Highland is the centre for guilds, homes, gardens, and factories.

The North sides of both Burroughs is visibly more affluent than the southern districts.


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