She is a tall, commanding goblin in charge of the "cleanup" of this catacomb before leaving it for the season.


Grissela was birthed in the Blinmire, just past the Southern Flatlands – a hilly swamp land that is tainted with the ghosts of ancient explorers.

She had a good income as a slave-robber. That is to say she would go down to The Bloodfields and would pose as a liberator to free the slaves, but would run all them into a narrow gultch filled with bear traps and spike pits until they were all dead. Then she would sell the human corpses back to the Orcs as an aphrodisiac.

There was much work to be had in that field – and only the smart Orcs would suspect treachery, as their workforce would have disappeared some weeks prior.

One day, after Grissela hid the bear traps in a narrow gulch that she would later lead the freed slaves through, she relaxed at a WetSpot, an abandoned house where goblins bring all of their stolen liquor and drink until morning.

The human mead has gotten her drunk, so she hopped off the back of the torn velvet sitting chair, and over to a bedroom to relieve herself. As she approached the burnt and bloodstained door, it swung open by itself, and a tall lady in a dress stepped out into the room.

Goblins are vicious, but these goblins were drunk – and all but Glissela scurried out of the WetSpot, pissing themselves. Glissela just stood there and stared at the tall, pale humanoid.

The lady smiled at Glissela. Long, dark hair covered her ears, and sat on her shoulders. Her dress was old, but elegant and simple. Her black gloved hand stretched out to greet Glissela’s. They shook hands, and talked business.

The lady said that elsewhere, human bodies were worth much more than a couple silver pieces. This sounded more lucrative than anything Glissela had done before… and she accepted this new job, whatever it was.

Glissela took a coach to the lands guarded by the city of Braveport, and found two goblins to take advantage of: Muggo and Buggo. They were push-overs and small even for a goblin; perfect for what she needed them for.


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