The Ghost Town

The Ungrateful Dead

The party descended into the hallway of empty sarcophagi.

They took note of paint on the walls, and avoided fire-traps. Most tiles were painted red to avoid stepping on the foot-plates.

The lumbering goliath ran into the room and quickly engaged the three goblins. Rainee and Cogal provided arcane and marksman support. Soon, Grissela, the commanding janitor was all that was left, and she explained under Threat-Of-Juice-Box-Kicking that the lines were the threshold of the mining season. Reginald helped to move the bodies to the small ark that takes them out of the catacombs.

The party first hears about a lady in a dress.

In the cistern below, the party meets the Mayor who explains that his daughter thought the travellers were interesting and wanted them to stay.

The party convinces the two near-dead beings that they would have no part, and the Mayor left the Mortal Plane again, with daughter in tow.



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