The Ghost Town

The Second Feast

After an awkward conversation with the two remaining Barkers, the players head up to the metal double-doors in the central crypt and remove the iron bar.

They head through the door and up red velvet stairs and find themselves inside Ctesiphon’s chapel. Outside they heard a feast.

Cogal ran outside, stood upon a table and declared that all this shit was fucked. The Mayor had been letting the bodies go away to some bitch so that he and his family could have stolen life.

From the West of town, The Hermit runs down to the agora, and confronts the party. The Hermit, with tearful eyes, tells the party he is Cole Barker, the Mayor’s son.

Cole explains that after being promised that he could see his family again, as long as he signed a mining contract for a digging company and give access to the hillside to a lady in a dress.

The moral line is drawn and neither party were willing to relent.

Cole was gunned down, and as his blood tarnished the soil around him, the last of his line fallen. The town’s curse disappeared – and Ctesiphon returned to the ghost town it once was.

Cogal gave Grissela the body to burn, as human ashen remains are an aphrodisiac in the Orcish market.

The party leaves for Braveport, with a population of 0 behind them.



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