As you leave the town behind you, you hear Grissela’s shrill voice from behind you. “Wait!” she screams as she hustles over to you. “You aren’t cunts like the other Tall-Squishies. Take these things I found!”

She slides a hand into one of the deep pockets in her leather armour and withdraws several small trinkets. In her hands, in the light of the funeral pyre behind her, you make out a brass ring, several small iridescent precious stones, an obsidian dagger, and a quiver of crossbow bolts.

It was a two day journey from the borders of Ctesiphon to the gates of the Western capital. The road is well used and well maintained, you can smell the salty sea in the air even while you are still miles away. Trees taper off as the terrain before you becomes more mountainous and vertical. Even so, the walk is effortless and scenic. The road curves around a milestone and over the shoulder of a foothill. The spread before you is magnificent.

The terrain slides downhill into a lush valley, zigzagging along the South of the river. As the river deltas into the ocean, a mighty city sits on the separate strips of land sewn together with bridges. The largest buildings sit on the waterfront and huge piers stretch into the water’s surface. Hundreds of merchant and fishing vessels dock along the port – their great sails cast long shadows over the habour and inns.

You are met with the sprawling city of Braveport. From the distance, you see a small queue entering the city. Most of them seem to be travelling merchants with pack mules in tow. Several armoured guards stand at the gate, inspecting the sojourners’ effects before letting them pass through the gates.

As you approach the end of the queue, you make out at least three guards working the gate. They seem to be rummaging for something through all the merchant’s vendor items. In a cart behind the guards, you see stacks of coloured glass vials, small branches, and black boxes. Of the guards standing in the gate, the leader seems to be a woman in heavy armour, with a black and blue tunic emblazoned with a castle. Her short, slick dark hair and unwavering gaze constructs the opinion that she means business. Beside her, a golden haired man searches the belongings of a young tanned merchant. He seizes something from the bag that looks like a golden leaf, and hands it to a cloaked guard on vigil beside the cart full of fanciful items.

Your party enters the city; and the streets are dead. Those who are out, seem hurried, and quickly go off to do what they must. The council’s chamber is off limits to public – and even those in the hemi-senate won’t go into the chamber, only having meetings in the hall.

Living expenses are as follows

  1. Basic accommodation (2gp) stay at inns, eat to live (2gp) – South Wavefront
  2. Agreeable (1d4 + 2 gp) stay at nice inns, eat for comfort (3-6gp) – South Highland
  3. Enjoyable living (2d6 + 3 gp) stay at rental, eat for two (5-15gp) – North Highland
  4. Gratuitous accommodation (3d8 + 4 gp) stay in large rental, eat for two, free transport (7-28gp) – North Wavefront
  5. Lavish living (4d10 + 5 gp) stay in large rental, eat for two, free transport (9-45gp) – Central

Jobs to do:

  • Perform 3gp/week,
  • Hunt Wetspots 10gp/week + perks
  • Arrest brigands and pirates 12gp/week + booty
  • Find The Alchemist 0/week + bounty
  • Organized Crime 6gp/week x crime level (illegal)

Performing will be paid by the House of Bronze, and pay may vary depending on what region of the city you decide to play in. Music, song, and dance will appeal to the South of Braveport, and magic, art, and sculpture will appeal to the North of Braveport. Performing will advance the agenda of the House of Bronze – and may increase the disposition of the people to a more positive outlook.

Hunting WetSpots will be paid by the House of Gold, and will pay depending on the condition of the home that is re-confiscated. All goblins must be exterminated, and the house must be cleaned. Any evidence of looting would go unnoticed, because the goblins would usually pilfer it before bringing in the grog. Finding Wetspots may be a tool for Organized Crime to get leads on where crime is ongoing. The goblins seem to have an ear to the ground when a person disappears. Hunting WetSpots will obviously increase the liveability of Braveport, at the expense of goblin contacts, and difficulty cooperating with organised crime.

Arresting brigands and pirates is ordained by the House of Diamond, as they see the thieves as a stain on the commerce of Braveport. A brigand or pirate is someone with stolen or contraband goods in their possession. The booty modifier for pay is based on the value of goods turned over to the House of Diamond. Arresting brigands and pirates will make you more favourable in the eyes of the House of Diamond, known for their wealth, at the expense of contacts within organised crime.

Finding The Alchemist (the one responsible for the murder of the council) is something the House of Steel is already undertaking, so there is no income until the task is complete. All of their resources is pointed at finding the one responsible – which Casila Ultrix is taking personally. This will uncover a mystery in Braveport, but you might run across – and into – the path of the House of Steel. You may be a hero, or you may be throwing yourselves to the wolves. There are no leads and no direction to go to.

Organized Crime – even undercover – is not permitted by the city of Braveport. Anyone reported to be doing illegal activity such as moving contraband, fraud, theft, or slavery, shall be apprehended and brought before the council. However, it seems that this is still lucrative at times, and people may be acquainted with the “wrong” kinds of people. Its pay is in relation to the level up the criminal ladder.
Pay: 6gp/week x crime level, living expenses paid for

  • 0 (Basic theft) Enough to scrape by
  • 1 (Hired hands) Responsible for labour, manual work, small theft
  • 2 (Exploitation of position) Can use other (legal) employment position for criminal means
  • 2 (Thug) Body guard for important figure’s place of dwelling or assets warehouse
  • 3 (Grand theft) Large crimes of theft – maybe it’s stealing cargo from another crime syndicate
  • 3 (Skilled hands) Using an impressive skill for use in the criminal world
  • 3 (Pyramid manager) Controlling a small group of criminals beneath you
  • 4 (Bodyguard) You are trusted by the group – and must guard whatever boss you have
  • 4 (“The Contractor”) You are an ideas man, and are in charge of finding new recruits – and propaganda
  • 5 (Mastermind) You run the show

The Ghost Town

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